Our motivation

Sri Lanka, you may know it from the tea (Ceylon) or herbs they grow and beautiful holiday photo’s.

There is another side, the Sri Lanka of the orphanages filled with children that actually have two living parents.

Young girls are cast out because they’re pregnant out of wedlock and that’s something to be ashamed of there.

Abortion, if you consider that an option, is illegal and young girls, children, live in the streets and leave their newborn by the side of the road. Some babies are born in orphanages.

Because poverty is a big problem, most of these girls aren’t educated. Without help, taking care of their child means a life on the streets, in even more poverty.

Touched by this poverty and brokenness we asked ourselves: ‘What can we do?’ and the answer to that question is a program in which we team up with the local population to offer these pregnant girls, shelter and education.

Together we can offer young people a better future so they’re not better of just for now but their escape from poverty is lasting.