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The people

in Sri Lanka is a group of dozens that free up time every day to help rejected and abandoned children in our program. Professional teachers, women that raised their children, experienced coaches and men that do chores, from many local Churches.

Because of what they do, these local volunteers stand out which in Sri Lanka means they are constantly aware of being the subject of anger and violence from extremist nationalist Buddhists.

In the Netherlands enthusiastic volunteers share about the work we together, the Yworks foundation, do at work, school, their sports club and in Church.

Besides this, they partake in and organize fundraisers, organize dinners and inform people about our work at events.

Without all these people supporting us, our work wouldn’t be possible. We are very grateful to and for them!

It started with

Rasika, Patrick and their children.

“We love Jesus, each other, our family, friends and are active in several local Church communities amongst which de Stadskerk.”

As a child, Rasika had a longing to go back to the country she was adopted from.

After surviving horrors, being discouraged about Sri Lanka by life and society and illness, she was healed and received a new passion for Sri Lanka.

Rasika wrote “Curry met hagelslag” which is an autobiography and testimony.

This episode of TV program ‘De Verandering‘ (EO, NPO2, February 27th, 2021) is about how God changed Rasika’s llife.

This is a trailer of the New Faith Network interview about that book, the gripping testimony of Rasika’s life, making clear how much God wants to heal the broken.

When you support our work by support adopting a child with your monthly donation of at least €33, we give you the book ‘Curry met hagelslag’ (Curry and chocolate sprinkles).

Together, in the Yworks foundation, we believe that we received our vision from God and that with this vision, we make His Kingdom visible.

By making His Kingdom visible to abandoned and rejected children that don’t know Him yet, we give them a future here, in this world and they learn there is a future beyond that for them too.

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    Rasika and Patrick with their children, are mission workers and don’t work alone.

    In the Netherlands, they have a home front team. That team supports them in their work in every way.

    Home Front

    The mission workers family’s Home Front Team is made up of:

    The team members do their work without receiving any payment for it and we’re always looking for new members.

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      The missionary workers, Rasika, Patrick, their family and the Home Front Team are coached by an independent organisation, InToMission.

      InToMission helps by independently coaching and (practically) help people that work abroad or in the multicultural Netherlands.

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      The Yworks foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen by number 61480258. The RSIN is 854359898 and the Yworks foundation is ANBI so your support can be tax deductable in the Netherlands. Because we do what we do for God and not for profit, we work with an unpaid volunteering staff and board.

      All information as required by Dutch law for our status as an ANBI is available on our transparency page.

      It’s safe to do your donation on this website with your Debit/Credit Card, iDeal and other payment methods through Mollie. Alternatively, you can wire transfer your support to our bank account NL84INGB0006326109 for Stichting Yworks.

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