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Who we are

We are the Yworks board:

Fré Riepma — chairman

Wubbo de Vries — secretary

Harmen Stamhuis — treasurer

We receive no payment for our Yworks activities and there is no other management.

Besides the board, there are the mission workers.

mission workers

We are Sanjeena, Rasika, Luca, Ekisha and Patrick. We love each other, our family, friends, Jesus and are active members of the de Stadskerk in Groningen.

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Of course we don’t work alone, we have a Home Front Team and they keep things going, inform our supporters, look for sponsors and in every way support our mission.

Home Front

The mission workers family’s Home Front Team is made up of:

  • Fré Riepma
  • Coby Riepma
  • Wubbo de Vries
  • Harmen Stamhuis

The team members do their work without receiving any payment for it and we’re always looking for new members. Do you want to know more about that? Send us an email at


The missionary workers and the Home Front Team are coached by an independant organisation, InToMission.

InToMission helps by independantly coaching and (practically) help people that work abroad or in multi cultural Netherlands.

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