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Every day, rejected and abandoned girls have to choose between their own life and that of their new born baby! Every day babies become orphaned because their mother is cast out. Babies in Sri Lanka, like Anishka. With your help we can save babies like Anishka from the cycle of shame, poverty and death!

Children need help now.

You can ‘adopt’ a girl and her baby for at least €25 a month, for at least one year. With your support, your ‘adopted’ young mother can finish our program. After finishing the program, she’s learned everything she needs to escpape poverty and shame with her child.


Support our work with at least €25 a month? That gets you the book Curry met hagelslag (Curry and chocolate sprinkles).

This is a trailer of the New Faith Network interview about that book, the gripping testimony of Rasika’s life, making clear how much God wants to heal the broken.

In our program, babies without a future become happy, healthy toddlers and desperate teen moms become caring educators with a job and future. This program is possible, thanks to your support.

Your support is important, preferably every month so we appreciate every gift and emphasize that we’re not asking you to do more than you can. Your monthly donation of €5, is just as precious in shaping the future for children, as someones €500 donation!

The Yworks foundation is an ANBI and get’s the job done with unpaid board members, advisors and supporters. Your donation can be tax deductible (in the Netherlands) and not used to pay board members and/or management.

Changed your mind and you want to support our work every month?

We’re very grateful for your support!


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