Help a child! #love #compassion #action


because every day, abandoned and rejected girls, children, have to choose between their own lives and that of their unborn baby!

Every day babies like Anishka become orphaned because their mother, herself still a child, is abandoned and rejected.

With your help, we can save babies like Anishka from a cycle of shame, poverty and death.


Children need help now!

With €50 a month you support adopt a child into our 13:34 program and whatever you can miss helps to save lives. By sharing what you can miss, you give life to a rejected and abandoned child including the next generation.

Through us, your supported child receives safe harbour, education, nutrition, clothing, medical care and spiritual guidance. You can encourage her by exchanging mail.

Help US heal the world child by child!

With our program, we give children a future.

Your support is important, preferably every month so we appreciate every gift and emphasize that we’re not asking you to do more than you can. Your monthly donation of €5, is just as precious in shaping the future for children, as someones €500 donation!

We work with unpaid volunteers, teachers, coaches, mothers, advisors, support staff and board members so your donation serves its purpose. Because  the Yworks foundation is ANBI, your donation can be tax deductable.

We’re very grateful for your support!

Invest your time

It’s so great that you want to invest your time in the lives of people almost living on the other side of the planet.

If you know what you want to do we love to hear about that and if you don’t we love to invest time in getting to know you and find out how you can help.


    Invest as a business

    1. Because business has been good for those companies with a heart. Consumers want socially responsible products and companies.
    2. Today’s employees want to work for socially responsible companies.
    3. Standing together for something bigger then self-interest creates a strong bond.

    With every partner, we make a plan to make sure the added value of the partnership is mutual.

    Are you interested in a partnership with the Yworks foundation? Contact us, we’ll prepare a proposal, and show you how it’s good for your business.


      Invest after your life

      You can’t take what you collected with you but it can be of eternal value.

      Your home, savings, art pieces or other properties can change the lives of abandoned and rejected children.

      Do you believe, like we do, that everything you own is actually Gods? If you do, you can decide to put what you collected in life to work for making Gods Kingdom visible in this world, in the lives of abandoned and rejected children that don’t know Him yet.

      You care for the work the Yworks foundation does

      and want to add the Yworks foundation to your will.

      There are two ways to enter the Yworks foundation into your will: through legacy or inheritance. This offers a tax benefit in many cases.

      Inheritance or legacy

      In case of an inheritance, you enter the Yworks foundation (Stichting Yworks) as (co-)inheritor in your will. With it, you specify what percentage of the inheritance is destined for the Yworks foundation.

      In case of a legacy, you enter into your will that the Yworks foundation (Stichting Yworks) receives an amount or valuable asset. A legacy is paid out before the inheritance is divided between the inheritors.

      You want to do this?

      Tell us and we will contact you.


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        More about Yworks


        Nederlandse website

        The Yworks foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen by number 61480258. The RSIN is 854359898 and the Yworks foundation is ANBI so your support can be tax deductable in the Netherlands. Because we do what we do for God and not for profit, we work with an unpaid volunteering staff and board.

        All information as required by Dutch law for our status as an ANBI is available on our transparency page.

        It’s safe to do your donation on this website with your Debit/Credit Card, iDeal and other payment methods through Mollie. Alternatively, you can wire transfer your support to our bank account NL84INGB0006326109 for Stichting Yworks.

        Our mailing address is Zilverlaan 97, 9743 RE Groningen, the Netherlands

        direct contact

        Do you want to know more or do you want to tell us what you think?

        You can contact us directly via WhatsApp.

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