Being Church together

We believe that we exhist to receive Gods love, answer it and pass it on to others. We also believe that we are Church together to actually live that truth.

Because we have a vision for Sri Lanka and we are Church together, Gods body in this world, we’d like to visit your Church community. We want to tell you about our work, how we know ourselves to be called for what we do and testify about what God has done in our lives so you can find out if supporting our work is for you and how you can or may.

Prayer, fundraising activities and financial support are options but there is more.

We work with people that call themselves Dutch Reformed (liberated), Anglican, Roman Catholic, Reformd, Baptist, Evangelical and not just as individuals but also with their Church communities. We’re not put off or scared away by walls or different views and you don’t have to belong to a specific denomination.

Do you want us to come and share?