We are an ANBI (official government charity recognition) and the required plan and everything needed is here and accessible to everyone. Future financial and policy documents so you can hold us accountable for what we do with your donations and how we do our work will also be published here and accessible to everyone.


“Improve the position of unwed pregnant women and single mothers in Sri Lanka” so children don’t end up in orphanages but raised by strong women that offer them a bright future.

Statement of activities

We’re working every day of the week to:

  • grow the group of people with whom we realize the vision
  • inform donors and people/organizations that support our vision
  • find donors and motivate people/organizations to join us and help
  • support our local volunteers that implement and run our program
  • expand our local network to offer our program in more locations

We do this to reach and help the target group, unwed, pregnant woman and single mothers in Sri Lanka.

Policy plan

[i] policy plan (pdf) for your viewing



Wikipedia information about the history of Sri Lanka.

OpenDoors provides information on persecution of Christians in Sri Lanka.