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What happens in June

An update…. next month, June, we will be in Sri Lanka and start new projects.

With your support, we can keep more children out of orphanages, teach more cast out girls what they need to escape from poverty with their baby.

What do we need for that?

  • clothing (mother and child)
  • food
  • teaching materials (learn reading, learn writing, learn arithmetic, English language)
  • safe place
  • a lot of time and involvement of local people.

Besides the last point, you can help us so we can help.

Each contribution means that we can help more girls and help more children to be raised by their loving mothers instead of in an orphanage.

Collecting and sending stuff is not a workable situation, simply because a safe place can’t be sent by mail and teaching materials in their language, are there and not here 🙂

Help us help and support, preferably every month. Together we make a difference, and with your support, lives can change.

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Help us help, give what you can spare and share this post so a lot of people read it.

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