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Vision and plan

The vision is to educate teenage girls, so they can durably escape poverty and their babies don’t end up in an orphanages but raised by strong mothers offering a healthy and opportunity filled future.

Our plan

Together with local people, we go out and find disowned girls in the orphanages and on the streets where they stay until they leave their newborn child. Together we make a plan, specifically suited for each girl to get them everything they need to escape poverty.

With your support and the support of our partners in Sri Lanka, we guide and coach the girls in the execution of their personal plan, help them acquire the skills for a better future, teach them how to take care of themselves and their child, help them with finding a real job so they can escape poverty, with their child.


Part of the plan is to grow the group of local people we work with so we can help more children by offering them hope, a way out of poverty and the strength to break the chains of shame and disgrace.

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