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You care for the work the Yworks foundation does

and want to add the Yworks foundation to your will.

There are two ways to enter the Yworks foundation into your will: through legacy or inheritance. This offers a tax benefit in many cases.

Inheritance or legacy

In case of an inheritance, you enter the Yworks foundation (Stichting Yworks) as (co-)inherotor in your will.  With it you specify what percentage of the inheritance is destined for the Yworks foundation.

In case of a legacy, you enter into your will that the Yworks foundation (Stichting Yworks) receives an amount or valuable asset. A legacy is paid out before the inheritance is divided between the inheritors.


The Yworks foundation is an ANBI, ‘Institution Aimed at the Common Good’ and your legacy is fully beneficial to realising the vision of the Yworks foundation which is to improve the position of unwed pregnant women and single mothers in Sri Lanka.



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