Our trip to Sri Lanka is a success. The program has started, a lot of local people are involved and we’re committed to implement the program in other parts of Sri Lanka.

There is a lot more to be said about everything that has happened as miracles have happened and our vision for Sri Lanka is working right now and making a difference in the lives of vulnerable young woman and their babies.

Monday, July 16th at 7:30PM you can join us in the coffee corner at the Stadskerk VBG. We’re going to share about the trip, what’s happened and what more we can do. There is time for questions, prayer, a bite to eat and something to drink.

Are you coming? Let us know and share the event amongst your friends, if you have a Facebook account…. Event: Evening to share

In Sri Lanka, waar staan we met onze visie?

In the daily reports ( you can read that every day again, more wonderful things happen. To me it’s very clear that God’s Holy Spirit travels with me and that I’m doing His work.

What we have:

  • now, after all conversations, we have a small yet strong group of volunteers that are all well equipped to teach.
  • the involvement of Anglican churches (55+) in Colombo which means people will be called upon to serve in our vision.
  • the involvement of a local educational institution that will provide government recognized certificates with which the young woman we help have better acces to good jobs.
  • an orphanage, access to the pregnant girls there and knowledge on other locations we can find girls like these.

This is all very specific and there’s also something we need:

  • a location where we can offer shelter to the girls we help so we can further their education

This location is what I’ve received on to my heart to start but I can’t do this without your help. My daily prayer is for guidance and a revelation as to where this house should be and whom I need to get it set up. I need your help,

For a small budget we can open a shelter, maintain it and get it ready for young woman and their babies.

This trip is already not without purpose as many people, also on key positions, have woken up to the issue of the cast out girls but there is a risk people fall asleep again as there are so many problems and poverty is huge here. Therefore, help us with the next step that will give this trip eternal value in the lives of young cast out woman and their babies. Let your possessions bare fruit too by investing in a shelter.

What we specifically need is money to invest. With a budget of a couple of thousand Euro’s we can open a shelter by renting a house, maintaining that in de decent way, making sure there’s basic facilities there so we can start offering shelter, education and guidance to two young woman and their babies at a time so we can successfully guide them towards a decent job and life in the light of God. Every year our program continues the vision van grow and expand because in our vision we also educate en encourage local people to make the vision grow and with more involved teachers and coaches we can help more lives transform. If you have a suitable house/location to spare we can use that too.

Your money can bare fruit. Some don’t have much, some have a lot and know that you are not obliged but allowed to give.

When I listen to Gods voice, read His word, look at what He does, I’m convinced that when we sow generously, we will also reap generously for Gods Kingdom and that it wil be a blessing to all His children.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Be touched, pray with us and can you spare something? Support out investment and don’t think a small contribution doesn’t help because every contribution helps!

Invest now

And now the next step

Fantastic news. By now we are in contact with 7 local churches in the Colombo region and more volunteers contacted us. People willing to help dispite persecution so will you help us too?

Brave people willing to help like experienced mothers that can coach, men and women that can teach how to read/write and more so now we need things like teaching materials.

Feel free and give what you can spare so we can aid cast out young mothers with what they need to escape poverty.

  • A safe place
  • Teaching materials to teach reading and writing classes
  • Teaching materials to teach basic math
  • Teaching materials to teach English for beginners
  • Clothing for mother and child

This can be your Easter offering, this can be your way to help realize Gods Kingdom here on earth.

In support of the “Father’s Heart” (පියාගේ හදවත) project we start in June, we need €5000 and giving is good but don’t feel obliged. Being involved can mean lots of things and when to you that means sharing, know that we’re not asking you to give what you don’t have.

We need to stand together so give what you can spare at

It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35


for what we can do, how awesome it is!

We’re preparing for the trip to Sri Lanka so our plans actually change the lives of young woman and their babies.

Because of all the contacts we have, we get acquainted with more and more churches that are enthusiastic about out vision and embrace it.

The plan is to start up the following with the support of several churches in June:

  • support group(s) where young woman are noticed and learn what they would normally learn from their mothers concerning how to take care of themselves and their babies.
  • class(es) where young woman can learn to read and write
  • class(es) where young woman learn math
  • class(es) where young woman learn English
  • class(es) where young woman learn how to get a job
  • support group(s) where young woman that finished the program, can be built up in their role as working care giver and they can support and encourage each other.


Why are we doing this?

  • Because thousands of young woman each year, are cast out and can’t take care of their babies.
  • Because orphanages aren’t the solution and children that grow up in a loving relationship with at least their mother that can really care for them, have the most opportunities for a better future.

What we do is possible thanks to the people that support our work already. To make what we start in June, last for a long time so all those young woman and their babies really get to escape poverty, we need your support.

Help us help and support us. With your monthly support we have something to depend on and that is what these young woman and their babies need! With this, they get the education and coaching they need. This is how they escape poverty and the problem of cast out young woman in Sri Lanka is overcome.

Do you thing that what you can miss won’t help? Don’t be fooled because USD/UKP/EUR 5 a month really helps too.

Give what you can miss and setup your  monthly support here at

Donate now


Do you want to support us once?  Your support is more than welcome and you can do that on the same page..

What happens in June

An update…. next month, June, we will be in Sri Lanka and start new projects.

With your support, we can keep more children out of orphanages, teach more cast out girls what they need to escape from poverty with their baby.

What do we need for that?

  • clothing (mother and child)
  • food
  • teaching materials (learn reading, learn writing, learn arithmetic, English language)
  • safe place
  • a lot of time and involvement of local people.

Besides the last point, you can help us so we can help.

Each contribution means that we can help more girls and help more children to be raised by their loving mothers instead of in an orphanage.

Collecting and sending stuff is not a workable situation, simply because a safe place can’t be sent by mail and teaching materials in their language, are there and not here 🙂

Help us help and support, preferably every month. Together we make a difference, and with your support, lives can change.

Donate now 

Help us help, give what you can spare and share this post so a lot of people read it.

Wow what a testimony

As the coming trip to start projects is a lot of work, Fré (Chairman of the board) has been praying and asking God if he should join Patrick (missionary worker) on the trip to Sri Lanka so they can work as a team.

The question was whether God wanted to provide the means to make the trip possible for Fré and he specifically asked for € 1000 to make it possible.

Yesterday (May 1st) there was someone at Fré’s front door, with € 1000 in an envelope.

Does this hit home? Are you moved by this? We need more so we can invest in the future of children and their mothers so be generous. What you can miss is more than welcome.

Donate now, here via

Great news! In June, to Sri Lanka.

What’s Patrick going to do there?

Visit at least 4 local churches to…

  • start discussion groups for the mothers that start our program. Group leaders will be local women who have already raised children
  • start language courses for the teen mothers of whom most can’t read and write
  • start math courses and English courses with which the young mothers find a job much easier

Making arrangements with orphanage to…

  • ensure that the cast out teens have a safe place where they are trained and coached

Network with Ngos; aid organisations that are already active but do not support our target group…

  • so we can find cast out pregnant teens more efficient

And why are we telling you this?

  • to show that we are actively engaged in our work
  • to involve you in what we do and ask you for help

Help us help and support us now so that we can make investments during the trip in June.

New promo material

Because things change and flyers get used, we designed a new one.

This flyer doesn’t have an old fashioned donation mandate anymore because you can donate or give us a mandate to withdraw your monthly donation automatically, on this website.

Click here so see the new A5 flyer

We made new posters as well.

Click here to see the new A4 poster

Click here to see the new full message A3 poster

Click here to see the short yet powerfull A3 poster

All material is in Dutch only but if you can help and need a translated version, please let us know.

Kennismaken en meer

Vanavond (vrijdag 23 maart) om 20:00 in de Stadskerk | VBG, het Huis van Gebed, begint een gebedsavond specifiek over onze visie voor Sri Lanka.

Wil je betrokken zijn omdat je houdt van bidden? Of wil je meebidden, je interesse tonen en/of je steun betuigen omdat je betrokken bent op onze visie en/of ons? Weet je gewenst en kom!

Zondagavond 25 maart om 19:30 in de Stadskerk | VBG, het kleine auditorium, begint een aanbiddingsavond voor zendelingen uit onze gemeente en daar zijn wij ook.

De avond staat in het teken van elkaar leren kennen onder het genot van hapjes, samen bidden en aanbidden. Kom en doe mee.

Je kunt deze informatie ook lezen in onze nieuwsbrief over dit onderwerp.

Love is …

not a choice, it’s a commandment.