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In Sri Lanka, where are we with our vision?

In the daily reports ( you can read that every day again, more wonderful things happen. To me it’s very clear that God’s Holy Spirit travels with me and that I’m doing His work.

What we have:

  • now, after all conversations, we have a small yet strong group of volunteers that are all well equipped to teach.
  • the involvement of Anglican churches (55+) in Colombo which means people will be called upon to serve in our vision.
  • the involvement of a local educational institution that will provide government recognized certificates with which the young woman we help have better acces to good jobs.
  • an orphanage, access to the pregnant girls there and knowledge on other locations we can find girls like these.

This is all very specific and there’s also something we need:

  • a location where we can offer shelter to the girls we help so we can further their education

This location is what I’ve received on to my heart to start but I can’t do this without your help. My daily prayer is for guidance and a revelation as to where this house should be and whom I need to get it set up. I need your help,

For a small budget we can open a shelter, maintain it and get it ready for young woman and their babies.

This trip is already not without purpose as many people, also on key positions, have woken up to the issue of the cast out girls but there is a risk people fall asleep again as there are so many problems and poverty is huge here. Therefore, help us with the next step that will give this trip eternal value in the lives of young cast out woman and their babies. Let your possessions bare fruit too by investing in a shelter.

What we specifically need is money to invest. With a budget of a couple of thousand Euro’s we can open a shelter by renting a house, maintaining that in de decent way, making sure there’s basic facilities there so we can start offering shelter, education and guidance to two young woman and their babies at a time so we can successfully guide them towards a decent job and life in the light of God. Every year our program continues the vision van grow and expand because in our vision we also educate en encourage local people to make the vision grow and with more involved teachers and coaches we can help more lives transform. If you have a suitable house/location to spare we can use that too.

Your money can bare fruit. Some don’t have much, some have a lot and know that you are not obliged but allowed to give.

When I listen to Gods voice, read His word, look at what He does, I’m convinced that when we¬†sow¬†generously, we will also reap generously for Gods Kingdom and that it wil be a blessing to all His children.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Be touched, pray with us and can you spare something? Support out investment and don’t think a small contribution doesn’t help because every contribution helps!

Invest now

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