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God is greater!

Churches, brothers and sisters can be terrorized, it can hurt, it can cause grief.

The work we do, we can only do by working together with local churches, so we need you support twice as hard. Where the persecution of Christians in Sri Lanka was not always very visible, bomb after bomb gave very clear shape to what the persecution of Christians is.

Help us with your prayers, your enthusiastic sharing and talking about what we do and also your financial support because without your support we simply can’t do our work.

Especially now when the local church has to deal with what happened and more violence lurks around the corner, your support is needed more than before.

To stand in His strength and build His Kingdom helps the local Church, makes it thrive and grow which is the best statement against terror.

We together can show that God is greater than any circumstance and any threat.

We don’t show it by making noise, spreading statements or images.

We show how great He is by rolling up our sleeves, spending His money that we get to watch over and build His Kingdom.



Do you specifically want to help the victims of what’s happened in the Eater attacks? Mention that when you pledge your support. We work with several proven trustworthy partners whom, very directly, bring His light in the lives of survivors and families of victims.

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More about Yworks


Nederlandse website

The Yworks foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Groningen by number 61480258. The RSIN is 854359898 and the Yworks foundation is ANBI so your support can be tax deductable in the Netherlands. Because we do what we do for God and not for profit, we work with an unpaid volunteering staff and board.

All information as required by Dutch law for our status as an ANBI is available on our transparency page.

It’s safe to do your donation on this website with your Debit/Credit Card, iDeal and other payment methods through Mollie. Alternatively, you can wire transfer your support to our bank account NL84INGB0006326109 for Stichting Yworks.

Our mailing address is Zilverlaan 97, 9743 RE Groningen, the Netherlands

direct contact

Do you want to know more or do you want to tell us what you think?

You can contact us directly via WhatsApp.

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