Pray with us

Together we can make a difference so start praying with us, today.

These thank and prayer points are always relevant:

  • prayer for guidance of the Holy Spirit for the Home Front Team, the board and the missionary workers
  • prayer for financial support
  • prayer to encourage everyone that participates
  • prayer for the girls there, that haven’t been helped yet
  • prayer for the people in Sri Lanka, the ones able to help, so they get it on their hearts to help
  • thanks for the calling of God to help the girls in Sri Lanka
  • thanks for the guidance of the Holy Spirit sofar
  • thanks for the vision we received
  • thanks for the support received sofar


Prayer is the most powerful tool we have; it’s the start of everything we do. As part of our vision to help outcast pregnant teens, we fall to our knees. Join us in regular prayer through our ‘prayerapp’. It contains updates, prayer points and thanksgiving, to help guide and inspire your prayers.


Fill out your name and mobile phone number so we can add you to the Whatsapp list. You’ll receive a prayer message every week, suggesting what you can pray and thank for, during your quiet time.

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Get your church involved

However strong brokenness is, the church is stronger. The prayers of the church can change lives. Together, we can make a difference.