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We now offer shelter in two locations. Working in our vision, trained volunteers help young woman to get on their feet.

We do this so their babies don’t end up in orphanages, so suicide doesn’t have to be an option.

Are orphanages so horrible? We think they are, to begin with the simple reason that it can’t replace bond of love between a parent and a child.

Besides this there are a lot of orphanages where children don’t go to school, where they don’t learn skills needed to escape the cycle they’re caught in.

The woman we help, learn that suicide is no solution and everything else they need to live with their child.

What are we talking about?

These girls usually come from very poor families and most of them haven’t even learnt how to make themselves a healthy meal, simply because there was no money in the family they come from to eat a healthy meal.

To learn everything needed to live with their child is a lot and starts right at the beginning.

Why do we do this? Because together, with a bit of money and effort we can change lives. Every day 55 girls are cast out, 11 commit suicide and 50 children are left in orphanages.

Despite working with volunteers, offering shelter costs money and it doesn’t grow on trees.

Will you help us help?

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