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for what we can do, how awesome it is!

We’re preparing for the trip to Sri Lanka so our plans actually change the lives of young woman and their babies.

Because of all the contacts we have, we get acquainted with more and more churches that are enthusiastic about out vision and embrace it.

The plan is to start up the following with the support of several churches in June:

  • support group(s) where young woman are noticed and learn what they would normally learn from their mothers concerning how to take care of themselves and their babies.
  • class(es) where young woman can learn to read and write
  • class(es) where young woman learn math
  • class(es) where young woman learn English
  • class(es) where young woman learn how to get a job
  • support group(s) where young woman that finished the program, can be built up in their role as working care giver and they can support and encourage each other.


Why are we doing this?

  • Because thousands of young woman each year, are cast out and can’t take care of their babies.
  • Because orphanages aren’t the solution and children that grow up in a loving relationship with at least their mother that can really care for them, have the most opportunities for a better future.

What we do is possible thanks to the people that support our work already. To make what we start in June, last for a long time so all those young woman and their babies really get to escape poverty, we need your support.

Help us help and support us. With your monthly support we have something to depend on and that is what these young woman and their babies need! With this, they get the education and coaching they need. This is how they escape poverty and the problem of cast out young woman in Sri Lanka is overcome.

Do you thing that what you can miss won’t help? Don’t be fooled because USD/UKP/EUR 5 a month really helps too.

Give what you can miss and setup your  monthly support here at

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