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Great news! In June, to Sri Lanka.

What’s Patrick going to do there?

Visit at least 4 local churches to…

  • start discussion groups for the mothers that start our program. Group leaders will be local women who have already raised children
  • start language courses for the teen mothers of whom most can’t read and write
  • start math courses and English courses with which the young mothers find a job much easier

Making arrangements with orphanage to…

  • ensure that the cast out teens have a safe place where they are trained and coached

Network with Ngos; aid organisations that are already active but do not support our target group…

  • so we can find cast out pregnant teens more efficient

And why are we telling you this?

  • to show that we are actively engaged in our work
  • to involve you in what we do and ask you for help

Help us help and support us now so that we can make investments during the trip in June.

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