Help a child

Children need help now.

Every day, cast out mothers have to choose between their own life and that of their new born baby! Every day 50 babies become orphaned because their mother is cast out. Babies in Sri Lanka, like Anishka. With your help we can save babies like Anishka from the cycle of shame, poverty and death!

So what’s this about exactly?

With our program, we teach mothers how to care for their child and escape poverty.

Babies without a future become happy, healthy toddlers and desperate teen moms become caring educators with a job and future.

We call this program “Father’s heart” and your support helps us make the program available to more young mothers and their babies.


Babies are abandoned every day, in the streets, near hospitals, orphanages and even in garbage piles.

Shame and poverty force young woman to choose between living in the streets with their baby, committing suicide and just leaving their newborn baby so they are welcomed back in their family as the cause of shame, a newborn child, is gone.

How do we help?

We offer a tailor made plan to every mother. In a safe environment we teach her how to take care of herself and her baby. She’ll learn how to read, write, do math, English and whatever she needs to get a job.

With volunteers, we put in all our effort to ensure that mothers and children in our program, escape from poverty so they don’t need us anymore and children are actually better off!

What can you do?

Your support is important, preferably every month so we appreciate every gift and emphasize that we’re not asking you to do more than you can. Your monthly donation of €5, is just as precious in shaping the future for children, as someones €500 donation!

Help us help!

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You get to select your prefered method to donate (credit card, iDeal etc) and your support is transfered to IBAN: NL84INGB0006326109 of the Yworks foundation.

By confirming you grant us permission to withdraw that amount from your account every month and that is your montly donation.

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The Yworks foundation is an ANBI and get’s the job done with unpaid board members, advisors and supporters. Your donation can be tax deductible (in the Netherlands) and not used to pay board members and/or management.

We’re very grateful for your support!

Our motivation

Sri Lanka, you may know it from the tea (Ceylon) or herbs they grow and beautiful holiday photo’s.

There is another side, the Sri Lanka of the orphanages filled with children that actually have two living parents.

Young girls are cast out because they’re pregnant out of wedlock and that’s something to be ashamed of there.

Abortion, if you consider that an option, is illegal and young girls, children, live in the streets and leave their newborn by the side of the road. Some babies are born in orphanages.

Because poverty is a big problem, most of these girls aren’t educated. Without help, taking care of their child means a life on the streets, in even more poverty.

Touched by this poverty and brokenness we asked ourselves: ‘What can we do?’ and the answer to that question is a program in which we team up with the local population to offer these pregnant girls, shelter and education.

Together we can offer young people a better future so they’re not better of just for now but their escape from poverty is lasting.

Vision and plan

The vision is to empower young woman, so they can durably escape poverty and their babies don’t end up in an orphanages but raised by strong mothers offering a healthy and opportunity filled future.

Our plan

Together with local people, we go out and find cast out girls (in the orphanages and on the streets) where they stay until they leave their newborn child. Together we make a plan, specifically suited for each girl to get them everything they need to escape poverty.

With your support and the support of our partners in Sri Lanka, we guide and coach the girls in the execution of their personal plan, help them acquire the skills for a better future, teach them how to take care of themselves and their child, help them with finding a real job so they can escape poverty, with their child.


Part of the plan is to grow the group of local people we work with so we can help more outcast girls by offering them hope, a way out of poverty and the strength to break the chains of shame and disgrace.

Who we are

We are the Yworks board:

Fré Riepma — chairmen

Wubbo de Vries — secretary

Harmen Stamhuis — treasurer

As required for a government status, we do this work without pay.

Besides the board, field workers do the work in Sri Lanka.

Who are the field workers?

We are Sanjeena, Rasika, Luca, Ekisha and Patrick. We love each other, our family, friends, Jesus and are active members of the Stadskerk | VBG in Groningen.

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Our work in Sri Lanka is more than full-time so our life and serving is dependant on gifts.

Of course we don’t work alone, we have a Home Front Team and they keep things going, inform our supporters, look for sponsors and in every way support our mission.

Who is in the Home Front Team

The Bos Kessen family’s Home Front Team is made up of:

  • Fré Riepma
  • Coby Riepma
  • Wubbo de Vries
  • Rolf Seep
  • Harmen Stamhuis

The team members do their work without receiving any payment for it and we’re always looking for new members. Do you want to know more about that? Send us an email at

Independant coaching

The missionary workers and the Home Front Team are coached by an independant organisation, InToMission.

InToMission helps by independantly coaching and (practically) help people that work abroad or in multi cultural Netherlands.




Our trip to Sri Lanka is a success. The program has started, a lot of local people are involved and we’re committed to implement the program in other parts of Sri Lanka. There is a lot more to be said about everything that has happened as miracles have happened and our vision for Sri Lanka …