Project 13:34

Every day 55 girls are cast out and we want to offer them more than suïcide so children can grow up with their mothers.

Right now we can offer shelter and education to 12 girls and their babies each year.

Because there are so many more, our next step is to offer shelter, information, education and in short, a better life to 100 girls and their babies.

That way we influence the choices next generations make. With your help we can do that.

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Why call this project 13:34? Because in John 13 verse 34, Jesus gives us an assignment. With that assignment he sort of summarizes what God wants for us and that is to love one another like He loves us.

In our case, this specific group of unseen people caught our eye and to love one another means to reach out, offer them the opportunity to make something of their lives so their children can make different decisions.

For more information read our Turbo Pitch.

Being Church together

Because we have a vision for Sri Lanka, spread His love, His good news and together are Gods body in this world, we’d like to visit your Church community.

We want to tell you about our work, how we know ourselves to be called for what we do, testify about what God has done in our lives and what wonderes we have witnessed serving Him.

If you want we can bring our message about how to combine every day life and belonging to His body so you can experience and share His joy where He doesn’t appear to be known.

We work with people that call themselves Dutch Reformed (liberated), Anglican, Roman Catholic, Reformd, Baptist, Evangelical and not just as individuals but also with their Church communities. We’re not put off or scared away by walls or different views and you don’t have to belong to a specific denomination.

Do you want us to come and share?