Project 13:34

Every day 55 girls are cast out and we want to offer them more than suïcide so children can grow up with their mothers.

Right now we can offer shelter and education to 12 girls and their babies each year.

Because there are so many more, our next step is to offer shelter, information, education and in short, a better life to 100 girls and their babies.

That way we influence the choices next generations make. With your help we can do that.

Crowdfunding target
€8710 / €100000

*counter shows donations done via website!

Why call this project 13:34? Because in John 13 verse 34, Jesus gives us an assignment. With that assignment he sort of summarizes what God wants for us and that is to love one another like He loves us.

In our case, this specific group of unseen people caught our eye and to love one another means to reach out, offer them the opportunity to make something of their lives so their children can make different decisions.

Our Turbo Pitch offers more information.

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